Delivery model based on CAMMP™ for consulting services.

(The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™) 


During the wok done together with our Clients, we saw that we cannot build the Consulting approach from scratch each time. We decided to build a Consulting framework that would be the fundation for our engagement with keeping the option to be customized to the Company, Project needs. Abnother target was to standarize the outputs from each step of the Consulting engagements to enable easier presentations of the benefits and artifacts delivered to the Customer.

The success stories of our cooperations showed us that thre core activities are the Discovery, Developent and Delivery phases. Each of them iwth a set of worshops, documentation and reporting.

At later stages we do not olny present the reports themself, but also can manage the changes implementation ot the customer organization.

QA Consulting
delivery process:


  1. Discovery
  2. Developement
  3. Delivery


  1. Concept Stage
  2. Feasibilty Stage
  3. Requirements Stage
  4. Strategy Stage
  5. Definition Stage
  6. Implementation Stage
    1. Operational Readiness
    2. Initial Operations
  7. Closing Stage


Each of our engagements has predefined set of Phases which get split into stages. Eac Phase and stage go a predefined list of activities and deliverables. 

This approach allows us to keep the freedom to design a dedicated for customer needs – activities, workshops and consulting activities, but in parallel keep standarized set of artifacts and documents being delivered.

Our way of work is inspired by CAMMP™ (The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™) that we customized for QA consulting services based on our experience.


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