The QA role definition in fast paced deliveries

Quality Assurance is crucial practice in DevOps deliveries. Testers responsibility include pushing the code to production when it’s ready or rolling back if not. We help our customers move away from model where testers are only focused only on finding bugs. We move Quality Assurance teams to work on preventing bugs form reaching the production with an effective collaboration with project teams.

Our consultants focus on identifying problems inside both product and process, they recommend improvements based on their findings. With that approach we help our customers achieve as much as possible form efficient DevOps delivery implementation in their projects.

  • Quality tracking with enhancements recommendations
  • Tests treated as part of the code
  • Test automation framework
  • Automation approach based on test pyramid
  • Continuous search for predictability improvements
  • Continuous improvement owned by testers during whole delivery cycle
  • QAs involved in value stream and delivery pipelines
  • Automation solutions, through delivery that ensure quality standards
  • Moving DevOps culture from teams to organization wide initiative
  • Mature process for handling stress, performance and security testing
  • Quality Advocates influencing technology teams
  • All environments standardized and deployment automation guidelines
  • Quality being checked at every stage of delivery
  • Well defined Quality measurements in order to meet high requirements

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