QA Consulting and Test craftsmanship studio

Does the existing application work the way it was supposed to?
Do You want to make sure it will have quality level validation at each stage of development and delivery?
To secure our customer business benefits We provide a full range of testing services. It covers functional and non-functional testing audits including tactical testing management and strategic test consultancy services

Our test engineers will suggest an appropriate balance of manual and automated tests. Our team can provide consultancy on the tests throughout the delivery of a project and validate test management and quality audits.

  • 75% of organisations use software testing as core part of their vendor delivery process
  • 95% of our customers agreed that testing is required to meet the need of software delivery projects
  • Accumulated time lost on live solutions due to software errors per year is 350+ years
  • We share our expertise by delivery using our own consulting delivery framework 
  • We propose tailored approach to fit project business objectives for web, mobile, omni-channel, eCommerce and other specific domains
  • Our test management enhance business-technical communication by clear and real-time updates

Delivery Models

One-to-one Coaching

We provide coaching arount the topics and challenges related to QA for a selected specialist on Customer side to allow him to solve his biggest pains.

One-to-many Consulting

Our experts consult and train Customer delivery teams and QA departments in growing their knowledge, efficiency of their QA work and sharing best practices

Many-to-many Support

When hands-on appproach is required, our consulting team pair with Customer delivery team to achieve challenging project goals and targets.

Services Portfolio

Assuarance Consulting

Independent consultants are the tool to solve Quality related challenges, to do a QA process review or propose how to grow the Quality focus. We build strategies, audit QA procsses and propose improvements. We also design and deply release trains for products that fits the delivery approach. The are here to enable a better quality deliveries.


Our aim is to make Clients and Users happier than streamlined quality assurance and great products.

Streamlined QA

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Automation Consulting

One of the most important decisions while delivering the project how and when to start test automation?

The solution that answear to those questions has to be spot on. It is crucial to the benefits the automation can build. Our Consultants build test frameworks, strategies and procedures to fit Your needs. We can audit the current project automation and propose both tools and improvements for the automation and CI/CD approach.

Later the automation delivery might also be executed by a team of our Test Automation Engineers or be might help You build a team of test automation specialists.

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experience validation in B2C business

Omnichannel QA combines the multichannel functional and non-functional verification with omnichannel measurement of systems effectiveness on different platforms and devices.

We focus about the seamless user experience on these platforms. The consistent experience across all the platforms enhance the speed of Digitalization.

We also consider multi-platform customer engagement model where user can continue their experience on any from available platforms, such interoperability is crucial for the Digitalization of processes.

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Testing Strategies for Industrialization

Moving a prototype to industrialized solution is always a huge challenge. Not only for the implementation, but to keep the Quality focus and ofter fit the sttandards and norms requirements.

Our consultants have unique expirience from industrialization in sectors such as power emision, power delivery, medicine, automotive, construction, tellecomunication etc. 

We will help You to manage vendors, define product quality goals and QA processess strategy, to make sure the industrialization runs a smooth as possible.

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in DevOps and Agile Testing

Quality Assurance is a crucial role in DevOps delivery. Testers responsibility include pushing the code to production when it’s ready or rolling back if not.

We help our customers move away from model where testers are only focused only on finding bugs. We move Quality Assurance teams to work on preventing bugs form reaching the production with an effective collaboration with project teams.

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ERP Testing
with Salesforce and SAP

One of the top challenges in SAP or Salesforce related projects is the approach to tackle high level testing at functional, acceptance and business process. 

SAP and Salesforce Consultants are great in lowlevel verification (unit and integration level).

Our testers provide intependent and complementary verification services in Your SAP or Salesforce ERP related initiatives at both customer and functional ends. 

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Our own consulting framework

While providing QA consulting services we use our own approach, it had been designed, used in field and iteratively improved in each of our engagements. It support our QA Consultants with the discovery, analysis and report of projects reviews. This way we can provide the estimates, timeframes and artifacts planned to be delivered with their content at the initial engagement discussions.

While delivery of Consulting activities We focus of finding wastes that block the testing from being streamlined with developement flow. Our services are aimed to establish a mature software verification process. We support the customers with detecting impediments, introduce improvements and enable quality focused delivery from scratch.

Our way of work is inspired by CAMMP™ (The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™) that we customized for QA consulting services.


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